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Hybrids birds are highly cross bred chickens. Most hybrids are based on the classic Rhode Island Red, Maran, Plymouth Rock, Sussex or Leghorns. The development of hybrid chickens started in the 1950's when there was a hugh growth in the demand for eggs and meat. The most common hybrid is the warren hen which is a classic brown hen. In recent years however there has been a larger variety of hybrids becoming available which have both good egg layer ability and the looks to match.


Typically the chickens have been breed to be good egg layers, friendly and docile - rather than having a splendid display feathers common in pure breed hens.


There are a wide variety of hybrid birds available including Black Rock, Maran Cuivre, Bovans Nera, Calder Ranger, Goldline, Meadowsweet Ranger, White Star, Sussex Star, Bluebelle, Speckedlys, Isa Brown. Many of these varierties are breed by specific poultry suppliers.

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           Skylines and bluebells

- Nic, 08 February 2014

I have two of each, have had them for around 3 months now. The bluebells might still be on the young side so no eggs yet from them but my lovely Skylines, Kiki and Rio have laid almost every day ...beautiful blue eggs too, my friends love it when I can spare the odd half dozen! Find the bluebells a little skittish and because they're the biggest birds in my flock and also grey coloured unlike the others (I also have 3 ex bats) they're at the bottom of the pecking order. Perhaps I should get some more to even the odds out.


- Brandon, 12 October 2013

Excellent layer and I good breed to have :)


- Hamish, 25 May 2013

Great looking interesting personalities

           Eggs galore

- Olivia, 09 May 2013

I have 10 hybrid hens and 1 cock they are laying crazy amounts of eggs around 10 per day,great profit as selling the eggs gets enough money to buy feed etc. my breeds are mainly Speckedlys x4,Calder Rangers x4 and White Stars x3. i love my hybrids pick them over pure breeds any day there the best of both worlds!

           If you want lots of eggs,get a hybrid!

- Emma, 28 January 2013

I have had a few types of hybrid hen in the past and my favourites have to be the copper black and the speckledy, whick I think are both maran based. They not only look good but lay exceptionally well. The speckledy has this beautiful velvety feel to their plumage, I could sit and stroke them all day! Hybrids seem to be the most hardy and fearless hens I've ever had. They are not put off by cold weather and are simply laying machines, they just get on with the job. I have found that they do scratch up the grass more than other chickens so long as you don't mind this they make good pets.

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