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Crested Guinea Pigs

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Crested guinea pigs conform to the Self colours, but have a crest or rosette on their forehead. Self Crested guinea pigs have a crest the same colour as their body colour, whereas American Crested have a crest that is a different colour to their body colour, commonly a white crest on a solid coloured body. The crested gene is dominant to non-crested, so that a smooth guinea pig bred from a crested parent cannot be a crested carrier.


Due to selective breeding most breeds also have a crested counterpart e.g. Agouti, Himalayan, Roan and Dalmatian. A Crested mated with a Sheltie is how the Coronet breed was created. The coronet is a relatively new breed, first recognised in the early 1970s.


Fairly common

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           Very good

- Jonathan, 07 October 2013

A very nice type of guineapig as i had had 3 and all have been very cuddely. Right now my guinea-pig(Splodgy) likes to sit on mt sholder and is completly potty-trained. I would suggest a crested for a first pet, first guneapig, or for any reason. If you get a crested then I suggest you get anuther one or play with with him/her 2 times a day.


- Elle, 11 March 2011

I have this type of guinea pig his name is Diesel and he is very friendly and likes to learn new tricks

           Love this piggie

- Jalynne, 03 November 2010

My guinea pigs name is drake he is a crested i love him they r very easy to train

           Very Common & Easy to care for

- Erin, 07 September 2010

Being a breeder/exhibiter of White Cresteds, I can honestly say they are a beautiful breed. Their short coat makes for an easy-care pet. They are a bit shy, but with constant attention, they will warm up to people. They are a bit harder to show, simply because they must have a perfectly round & full white rosette on their forehead, with no other white on their body, underside or toes. They are basically a self with a white "cowlick" on their head. Great for a starter piggy, but very hard to show for pedigree.

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