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Satin Guinea Pigs

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The Satin guinea pig is so named because it has a glossy, reflective coat that is fine and silky. Its distinctive feature is its hair type, it has a hollow hair shaft which allows the light to pass through it and give it its unique sheen. The Satin is another relatively new breed, being first imported from America in 1986.


The Satin gene is a recessive gene, and Satins should never be bred to each other, but mated with a solid colour, or a solid colour carrying the satin gene. Satins do not tend to be as long-lived as other breeds of guinea pigs, but they are popular as they are so attractive.


Almost every self colour has now been satinised. Attempts have also been made to satinise other breeds too, such as the Agouti and Dalmatian.


Fairly common

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- Debbie, 09 March 2013

I Love this satin Guinea pig! because its hair is soo shiny!!!" XD

           A pet good for kids 9 and up

- Britteny, 27 November 2010

This is a good pet for a person who has never owned a guinea pig before. They are shy at first but will worm up to you after awhile. If your kids are younger than nine never give them this breed of guinea pig.

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