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This breed is supposed to have lived in the Sultans castle gardens in what used to be called Constantinople and was originally known as Sultans Fowl. A Miss Elizabeth Watts of Hampstead introduced them to England from Turkey in 1854 and the breed almost became extinct in the period between the two World Wars. Thankfully it was resurrected by combining several different breeds but unfortunately this means that none of the birds of today have descended from the Sultans original birds. They are not good layers and tend to be kept for ornamental purposes because of their distinct appearance. The Sultans are small, fully feathered chickens. The neck has a very heavy plumage which gives the head a shortened appearance. The head has a muff, three clumps of feathers which form a beard and a very large, globular crest. In front of that is a V-shaped or horn comb which is hidden by the crest. They have 5 toes and their hocks are very well developed and are described as vulture hocks while the legs are heavily feathered.


Sultans are best kept in small runs as they are rather poor foragers. Their crest feathers have a tendency to freeze when the temperatures drop below zero and they find it very hard to cope with poor weather. They are calm birds which are not known for aggression and can be handled easily so make excellent pets. Hens are not known for being broody and do not make particularly good mothers while the chicks are slow developers. They are good fliers and can manage 2 metres easily so care needs to be taken with fences.


The only recognised form for the Sultan is the white variety. The birds have grey legs and their reddish bay eyes and red earlobes are hidden by their crests. There have also been blue and black varieties of Sultan produced.



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- Daniel, 25 June 2013

Best chicken ever love the cutiness and the crest

           Lovely little birds!

- Amy, 03 February 2013

I hatched a cuckoo sultan hen out of some mixed eggs, and was absolutely thrilled. She's now 16 weeks, so I can't comment on her laying abilities, but she's they loveliest little bird I have! I'd love some more to put with her as she's currently residing with silkies. She's never ever bullied any chicks that have moved from brooder to pen and I'm so proud of her. If anyone is selling any hatching eggs, any colour, I'd love to buy some to keep this gorgeous breed going.

           Best chickens

- Justin, 06 November 2012

They are the best show chickens to have in your yard. Also, they are very calm.

           Cute, Friendly and Mental

- The, 30 April 2012

So cute and pretty. So friendly and stupid. Our little Charlie (see pic below) got mauled by a Cocker Spanial and survived so I had to put a high hardiness. She lays an egg every day that is golden yoked and reasonable size. She is ridiculous and funny!

           Fantastic Chickens

- Theresa, 29 January 2012

Beautiful Ornate Chickens. My experience of the ones that I have is they make excellent mothers, well able to cope with the extremes of the weather. The only issue we have is ensuring we clean their feet to prevent mud balls. They do not mind this ot having a bath when they have been foraging in the mud. As for egg production we usauly have they usauly lay 5 a week on average and they are the a lovely smooth white egg.

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