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Wyandottes originate from the United States and no one really knows which breeds were used to create the Wyandotte breed. They were first reported in the 1860s and the first variety was the silver laced variant. They are large chickens with a particularly rounded appearance. They have broad bodies and are full feathered. The hens have a deep breast and backside which shows that they are good layers. The Wyandotte has yellow legs with a round, short head, rose comb, bright red ear lobes and reddish bay eyes. They are a good dual purpose breed.


Wyandottes are docile birds and the hens are excellent broodies and make good mothers. They lay well and chicks tend to be strong and are quick growers. Their attractive \"curvy\" shape, generally good disposition and many attractive colour patterns (varieties) make them a good choice for fanciers as well as farmers


White, Blue, Buff, Red, Black, Barred, Partridge and Silver Pencilled, Silver, Gold, Blue and Buff Laced, and finally Columbian which has similar markings to the Light Sussex.


Fairly common

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           Exelant birds

- Tim, 04 October 2013

Just bought a trio of silver laced and have been amazed how tame they have become in a very short time .Cockeral is quiet and very docile hens also .So impressed I'm looking to get more


- Lexi, 30 November 2012

I love this breed! We have one, Her name is Sylvia. She is not to wild and not to tame which is really nice!


- Brian, 04 May 2012

Have kept Dottes for over four years. They are an absolute delight to own. Great fun and easy on the allotment. The only minus as far as I am concerned is that they go broody at the drop of a hat. However this is far outweighed by the pleasure they give in other ways.


- Sharon, 15 April 2012

We have just bought 6 Wyandotte bantams. No previous experience of chickens but these little girls are fab. Kids have spend hours looking after them. Tv not even switched on! Plenty of eggs, lovely looking and easy to look after.

           A pleasure to own

- Prince, 27 September 2011

Having kept Welsummer, Warrens, Sussex and Dutch Bantam as well as my flock of Partridge Wyandotte bantams, I can honestly say these are the most pleasurable little chucks you could wish for. They busy themselves all day picking at the grass and whilst the Warrens are friendlier, they don't have the same presence of the stately little Wyandotte. If you're after a few eggs but mainly something easy to look after (and pretty to look at), you've found it in the Wyandotte.


Breeders Clubs for Wyandottes

Black Wyandotte Club

Tel: 01344 774 462

Laced Wyandotte Club

E-mail: col7141@btconnect.com

Tel: 01691 780245

Partridge & Pencilled Wyandotte Club

E-mail: steveclifton189@hotmail.com

Tel: 01773 821582

Partridge and Pencilled Wyandotte Club

E-mail: steveclifton189@hotmail.com

Tel: 01773 821 582

Scottish Bantam Wyandotte Club

Tel: 01569 766775

Scottish Wyandotte Bantam Club

Tel: 01569 766775

White Wyandotte Club

Tel: 01594 836 212

Wyandotte Bantam Club

Tel: 01773 744 690

Wyandotte Club

Tel: 01229 772556

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